The Bad News

I usually cover the mundanity of my pedestrian, everyman life in this space. For a change of pace, I thought I’d cast my gaze further abroad, and share something far more unique to you, the great and intelligent readers of the Duzett Gazette; something you hear about every day, but never truly encounter yourself: the news.

Those Poor Cougars

I am not a good football spectator. I regularly chime in with insightful queries, such as “This is the sport where they say ‘love’, right?,” or “So when do they let the lions loose?”

And It Was All Yellow

So there I was: Finally awake, wearing different clothes, no underwear on, lying next to a strange woman, my belly shaved.

Not again, I think.

2023: The Year in Preview

I was prepared to do a full review of the year 2022 – highlights, lowlights, middlelights, the whole bit. Then I realized that would be a waste of time, as the one trait shared among all Duzett Gazette subscribers is their being alive last year.

We Need Another Christmas Romance

The old Christmas traditions are dead. Families used to celebrate Christmas in the one true and correct way: by watching scratchy animated films about dying snowmen, mutated reindeer, anemic trees, and weird green men you wouldn’t touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

When Gallbladders Attack!

As I’ve alluded to in recent editions of the Duzett Gazette, I have suffered a violent and unforgivable betrayal by someone extremely close to me: my gallbladder. 

The Lifecycle of Lobbies

I took some old junk to the dump this weekend. Even though the place smells terrible and I want to burn my clothes in a furnace afterwards, I actually quite enjoy going to the dump.

Falling With Style

Fall is upon us, which means one thing: hastily written content haphazardly related to the current season, by yours truly!

Clever Girls

Like many conscientious Americans, we didn’t celebrate Columbus Day yesterday. It’s just hard to celebrate someone who claimed to “discover America” when we know for a fact that America was first discovered in 2008 by Michelle Obama.