carl duzett: award-winning author of scifi, fantasy, and humor

Carl Duzett was sent from the future to terminate the mother of an eventual resistance leader. He married her instead, and now writes speculative fiction with an unfair advantage. They live together in Utah with their five children, of which only some have exhibited predilection for the leading of resistances.

In addition to his novels and short fiction, he also writes a free newsletter, The Duzett Gazette, which contains story previews, writing updates, and humor articles. Very few Gazette subscribers have died.

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Germophobic shut-in Karisa Cirillo just wants to use the finest, most advanced cleaning technology she can get her gloved hands on. So she’s delighted when she receives a prototype quantum vacuum that not only cleans all the dust from her floor, but also all the dust that will be on her floor for the next seven days. 

But when her quantum vacuum sucks up something ominous from the future, Karisa finds herself in a mess that maybe even she can’t clean up.

THE ONCE AND FUTURE CLEAN is a charming story of science fiction that will tug the corners of your mouth in various directions. Subscribe now to The Duzett Gazette and receive this award-winning story for free.